Republic of Albania

Albania - Criminal Procedure Code 1995 (2017) EN

Date: Aug. 1, 1995
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Republic of Albania, Albania - Criminal Procedure Code 1995 (2017) EN (1995), available from, accessed on 13/06/2024.

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Admissibility challenge - competing request
Assistance of States in the attendance and testimony of witnesses and production of documents
Assurance that the witness will not be prosecuted, detained or subjected to restriction of personal freedom
Competent national authority
Competent national judicial authority
Competing request
Competing request - case inadmissible - notification of decision
Competing request - different conduct
Competing request - different conduct - no obligation to extradite
Competing request - same conduct
Competing request - same conduct - State not Party - no international obligation - case admissible
Confidentiality re documents and information
Conflict with existing fundamental legal principle of general application - consultations with the Court
Consent to surrender
Contents of request - other forms of assistance
Contents of request for arrest and surrender
Contents of request for arrest and surrender - national law requirements
Contents of request for provisional arrest
Cooperation of State
Cooperation under procedures of national law
Detention pending surrender
Direct execution of requests on State territory
Enforcement of fines
Enforcement of national penalties - conditions of imprisonment
Enforcement of national penalties - fines
Enforcement of sentences imposed
Enforcement of sentences of imprisonment
Examination of places or sites
Examination of places or sites - national proceedings
Examination of witnesses
Examination of witnesses - national proceedings
Execution of requests for assistance (under Articles 93 and 96) in accordance with national law
Forfeiture of assets
Forfeiture of assets - national proceedings
Identification and whereabouts of persons
Identification and whereabouts of persons - national proceedings
Information required under the law of the requested State
International assistance in criminal matters
Location of items
Location of items - national proceedings
National judicial procedures protecting witnesses from identification – witness protection
National procedures for execution of cooperation request
National procedures for execution of requests for other forms of cooperation
National procedures re enforcement of sentences imposed
Obligation of host State to enforce sentences
Obligation to cooperate
Obligations of host State
Other forms of cooperation
Person sought for different crime
Preservation of evidence
Preservation of evidence - national proceedings
Production of evidence
Production of evidence - national proceedings
Protection of safety of physical or psychological well-being of victims, witnesses and families
Provision of records and documents
Provisional arrest
Provisional arrest - detention pending surrender
Provisional arrest - release - national proceedings
Provisional arrest for national proceedings
Questioning of persons
Questioning of persons - national proceedings
Reasons for and details of procedure or requirement to be followed
Request for arrest and surrender
Request for provisional arrest
Search and seizure
Search and seizure - national proceedings
Seizure of assets
Seizure of assets - national proceedings
Service of documents
Service of documents - national proceedings
State investigation or prosecution – taking of evidence
State privileges and immunities
Taking of evidence
Taking of evidence - national proceedings
Temporary transfer of persons in custody for purposes of identification or for obtaining testimony or other forms of assistance - national proceedings
Transit proceedings
Transportation and transit through State territory for surrender
Treatment of prisoners - international treaty standards
Unscheduled landing on territory of transit State
Victims' protection
Victims' protection - national proceedings
Victims' rights