The Cooperation and Judicial Assistance Database (CJAD) was created following a request by The Hague Working Group of the Bureau of the Assembly of States Parties of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Developed by the University of Nottingham Human Rights Law Centre as part of CILRAP-CMN’s International Criminal Justice Toolkits Project, CJAD aims to provide a central information hub on all aspects of cooperation legislation.

CJAD is a fully searchable database of national legislation implementing the ICC Rome Statute, which enables users to easily identify relevant provisions or sections of national legislation using approximately 250 purposely designed keywords. Through free universal access to CJAD, users are able to access, review, compare online information regarding cooperation legislation, thus facilitating the drafting of national legislation and increasing harmonisation between States' practices.

CJAD is an important tool for enhancing consistency in national cooperation with the ICC, leading to improvements in both the number and the speed of successfully executed requests for cooperation from the ICC, thereby contributing to the fight against impunity. CJAD is fully available in English and can also be accessed in French, Spanish and Arabic. The creation of CJAD was funded by the EU and the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

How to use the database

Rome Statute signatories are shown light blue. ICC State parties are shown in dark blue.