Competing request - same conduct

Republic of Albania

Albania - Criminal Procedure Code 1995 (2017) EN

Article 489 Request for extradition
3. When more requests for extradition concur, the Minister of Justice sets the order of review. He takes into consideration all the circumstances of the case and, particularly the date of the reception of the request, the importance and the place where the criminal offence is committed, the citizenship and the domicile of the person subject to request, as well as the possibility of a re-extradition by the requesting country.
4. In case for a sole offence the extradition is requested simultaneously by several countries he/she shall be transferred to the country subject to the criminal offence or to the country within which territory has been committed the criminal offence.

Rome Statute

Article 90 Competing requests

3. Where a determination under paragraph 2 (a) has not been made, the requested State may, at its discretion, pending the determination of the Court under paragraph 2 (b), proceed to deal with the request for extradition from the requesting State but shall not extradite the person until the Court has determined that the case is inadmissible. The Court's determination shall be made on an expedited basis.

4. If the requesting State is a State not Party to this Statute the requested State, if it is not under an international obligation to extradite the person to the requesting State, shall give priority to the request for surrender from the Court, if the Court has determined that the case is admissible.