Bolivia, Plurinational State of

Bolivia - Constitution (EN) 2009

CHAPTER III: Civil and Political Rights
Section I: Civil Rights
Article 23
VI. Those responsible for the detention centers must keep a registry of the persons deprived of liberty. They shall not receive any person without copying the corresponding warrant in the registry. Failure to fulfill this duty shall give rise to the procedures and sanctions set forth in the law.

CHAPTER V: Social and Economic Rights
Section IX: Rights of Persons Deprived of Liberty
Article 73
I. Every person who is submitted to any form of deprivation of liberty shall be treated with the respect due to human dignity.
II. Every person deprived of liberty has the right to communicate freely with his or her defense lawyer, interpreter, family and close friends. Deprivation of communication is prohibited. Any limitation of communication may only take place in the context of investigation of the commission of crimes, and shall last a maximum of twenty four hours.

Rome Statute

Article 55 Rights of persons during an investigation

1. In respect of an investigation under this Statute, a person:

(d) Shall not be subjected to arbitrary arrest or detention, and shall not be deprived of his or her liberty except on such grounds and in accordance with such procedures as are established in this Statute.

Article 78 Determination of the sentence

2. In imposing a sentence of imprisonment, the Court shall deduct the time, if any, previously spent in detention in accordance with an order of the Court. The Court may deduct any time otherwise spent in detention in connection with conduct underlying the crime.

Article 89 Surrender of persons to the Court


(c) A person being transported shall be detained in custody during the period of transit;

Article 92 Provisional arrest

1. In urgent cases, the Court may request the provisional arrest of the person sought, pending presentation of the request for surrender and the documents supporting the request as specified in article 91.

Article 106 Supervision of enforcement of sentences and conditions of imprisonment

1. The enforcement of a sentence of imprisonment shall be subject to the supervision of the Court and shall be consistent with widely accepted international treaty standards governing treatment of prisoners.

2. The conditions of imprisonment shall be governed by the law of the State of enforcement and shall be consistent with widely accepted international treaty standards governing treatment of prisoners; in no case shall such conditions be more or less favourable than those available to prisoners convicted of similar offences in the State of enforcement.

3. Communications between a sentenced person and the Court shall be unimpeded and confidential.