Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Afghanistan - Law on Extradition and Legal Cooperation 2013 EN

Date: April 14, 2013
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Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Afghanistan - Law on Extradition and Legal Cooperation 2013 EN (2013), available from, accessed on 21/07/2024.

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Admissibility challenge - ne bis in idem
Assistance of States in the attendance and testimony of witnesses and production of documents
Competent national authority
Competent national judicial authority
Competing request
Competing request - same conduct - State not Party - international obligation
Contents of request for arrest and surrender - national law requirements
Examination of places or sites - national proceedings
Freezing of assets - national proceedings
National procedures for execution of cooperation request
Proceeds of crimes
Production of evidence - national proceedings
Provision of information or documents, or other assistance or cooperation by intergovernmental organisation
Provision of records and documents - national proceedings
Provisional arrest - detention pending surrender
Questioning of persons - national proceedings
Refusal of ICC request
Request for arrest and surrender
Request for cooperation
Search and seizure - national proceedings
Seizure of assets - national proceedings
Service of documents - national proceedings
Taking of evidence - national proceedings
Witness protection - national proceedings