Competing request - different conduct


Bulgaria - Extradition and European Arrest Warrant Act 2005 EN

Extradition and European Arrest Warrant Act


Title I - Extradition at the request of another state

Article 11

Where extradition of one and the same person has been requested by two or more states in respect of one and the same or of different criminal offences, the Minister of Justice shall forthwith notify the competent authorities of the requesting states of the existence of concurrent requests for extradition.

Rome Statute

Article 90 Competing requests

7. Where a State Party which receives a request from the Court for the surrender of a person also receives a request from any State for the extradition of the same person for conduct other than that which constitutes the crime for which the Court seeks the person's surrender:

(a) The requested State shall, if it is not under an existing international obligation to extradite the person to the requesting State, give priority to the request from the Court;