Cooperation of State


Belgium - Act on Cooperation with ICC 2004 EN

Article 3
Pursuant to article 86 of the Statute, Belgium shall cooperate fully with the Court in its investigations and prosecutions in respect of crimes within its jurisdiction.

Article 4
Cooperation with the Court shall be governed by the provisions of the Statute, the Rules of Procedure and Evidence, and Title II of this law.

Belgium - Constitution EN 1831 (2014)

Chapter 6 On Judicial Power

Article 157

There are courts for the enforcement of penalties in the places determined by the law. The law lays down rules for their organisation, their powers,the way their members are appointed as well as their members' terms of office.

Title 4 On International Relations

Article 167

§ 1. I. The King directs international relations, notwithstanding the competence of Communities and Regions to regulate international cooperation, including the concluding of treaties, for those matters that fall within their competences in pursuance of or by virtue of the Constitution.

Title 4 On International Relations

Article 169

In order to ensure the observance of international or supranational obligations, the authorities mentioned in Articles 36 and 37 can, provided that the conditions stipulated by the law are met, temporarily replace the bodies mentioned in Articles 115 and 12112I . This law must be adopted by a majority as described in Article 4, last paragraph.

Belgium - Royal Decree on the organization of the Belgian Task Force for International Criminal Justice 2014 EN

CHAPTER 1. - Denomination of the Belgian Task Force for International Criminal Justice (BTF ICJ)

Article 1.
A platform for coordination, consultation and information exchange named Belgian Task Force for International Criminal Justice (in abbreviated form BTF ICJ), hereinafter referred to as the BTF ICJ, is established as described in this Decree. It also covers the tasks of the Belgian Task Force for the International Criminal Court and the international criminal tribunals (in abbreviated form BTF ICC-ICT).

CHAPTER 3. - Competences of the BTF ICJ and holding of its meetings

Section 1. - Plenary meetings of the BTF ICJ

Article 7.
1. The plenary meetings of the BTF ICJ aim at considering transversal issues relating to international criminal justice and, notably, to the cooperation with the international criminal jurisdictions, but not to a specific request for assistance or the execution thereof.

Rome Statute

Article 86 General obligation to cooperate

States Parties shall, in accordance with the provisions of this Statute, cooperate fully with the Court in its investigation and prosecution of crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court.