Kingdom of Belgium

Rome Statute Sept. 10, 1998 June 28, 2000
APIC Sept. 11, 2002 March 28, 2005

Implementation Notes

Belgium first introduced legislation on international crimes with the implementation of the Geneva Conventions and its Additional Protocols in 1993. Since then, Belgium has adopted and subsequently withdrawn controversial legislation, in particular with regard to universal jurisdiction and immunities. Belgium has a comprehensive corpus of legislation able to guarantee solid cooperation with the International Criminal Court and which enables the exercise of jurisdiction in accordance with the principle of complementarity. With regard to the crimes under ICC jurisdiction, the Belgian legislation provides much wider coverage in relation to non-international armed conflicts than the relevant Statute provisions. In respect of cooperation, Belgium has opted for direct references to the relevant Rome Statute Articles when dealing with some provisions (e.g. the rules governing competing requests) as opposed to enacting detailed domestic versions of the Statute provision itself.

National Implementing Legislation

Act of 29 March 2004 on Cooperation with the International Criminal Court and the International Criminal Tribunals
Arrêté Royal portant organisation de la Belgian Task Force for International Criminal Justice (BTF ICJ)
Circulaire relative à la coopération avec la Cour pénale internationale et les tribunaux pénaux internationaux
Loi contenant le Titre preliminaire du Code de Procedure Penale
Loi modifiant la loi du 16 juin 1993 relative à la répression des violations graves du droit international humanitaire et l'article 144ter du Code judiciaire
Loi portant assentiment à l'Accord sur les privilèges et immunités de la Cour pénale internationale
Royal Decree on the organization of the Belgian Task Force for International Criminal Justice (BTF ICJ)

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