Communication with the ICC


The International Criminal Court Act 2010

Part VI – Enforcement of Penalties

Enforcement of ICC Sentences in Uganda

69. Prisoner to be held in custody.

(2) On arrival in Uganda or, if the person is already in Uganda when the sentence is imposed, on the imposition of the sentence, the ICC prisoner shall be detained in accordance with the Prisons Act as if the prisoner had been sentenced to imprisonment under Uganda law.

(3) Notwithstanding anything in subsection (2) or in any other enactment –

(a) the ICC prisoner has the right to communicate on a confidential basis with the ICC, without impediment from any person;

(b) a Judge of the ICC or a member of the staff of the ICC may visit the ICC prisoner for the purpose of hearing any representations by the prisoner without the presence of any other person, except any representative of the prisoner.

Rome Statute

Article 106 Supervision of enforcement of sentences and conditions of imprisonment

3. Communications between a sentenced person and the Court shall be unimpeded and confidential.