Admissibility challenge - ne bis in idem - consultations with the Court


Chapter 66a. Co-operation with the International Criminal Court

Chapter 66a. Co-operation with the International Criminal Court

Art. 611h.

§ 4. If, after a court’s positive decision on admissibility of surrender of a person to the Court, the Minister of Justice postpones the execution of the request for the surrender due to the penal proceedings pending in the Republic of Poland or due to the fact that such person is serving a sentence of imprisonment for another offence, the person whom the request concerns may be temporarily surrendered to the Court subject to the terms and conditions established in consultation with the Court.

§ 5. The consultation with the Court, as referred to in § 4, shall be carried out by the Minister of Justice.

Rome Statute

Article 89 Surrender of persons to the Court

2. Where the person sought for surrender brings a challenge before a national court on the basis of the principle of ne bis in idem as provided in article 20, the requested State shall immediately consult with the Court to determine if there has been a relevant ruling on admissibility. If the case is admissible, the requested State shall proceed with the execution of the request. If an admissibility ruling is pending, the requested State may postpone the execution of the request for surrender of the person until the Court makes a determination on admissibility.