Willingness to accept sentenced persons


Act No. 65 of 15 June 2001 relating to the implementation of the Statute of the International Criminal Court of 17 July 1998 (the Rome Statute) in Norwegian law 2001

ยง 10. Enforcement of a sentence of imprisonment in Norway

The Ministry may consent to a sentence of imprisonment imposed by the Court being served in Norway, and may request the prosecuting authority to commence enforcement. Enforcement is to be effected in accordance with the provisions of Part 10 of the Statute of Rome and the conditions attached by the Ministry to accepting the sentenced person for serving the sentence.

Rome Statute

Article 103 Role of States in enforcement of sentences of imprisonment


(a) A sentence of imprisonment shall be served in a State designated by the Court from a list of States which have indicated to the Court their willingness to accept sentenced persons.

(b) At the time of declaring its willingness to accept sentenced persons, a State may attach conditions to its acceptance as agreed by the Court and in accordance with this Part.

(c) A State designated in a particular case shall promptly inform the Court whether it accepts the Court's designation.