Republic of Slovenia

Cooperation between the Republic of Slovenia and the International Criminal Court Act 2002


Article 23
(1) The provisions of Article 100 of the Statute shall apply for covering the expenses of co-operation with the Court under the provisions of this Act.
(2) Expenses covered in accordance with the Statute by the Republic of Slovenia shall be provided in the budget of the Republic of Slovenia.

Article 24
(1) The financial contribution of the Republic of Slovenia, as part of one of the sources for covering the expenses of the Court and Assembly of States Parties, including its Bureau and subsidiary bodies, shall be paid from the budget of the Republic of Slovenia.
(2) The contribution referred to in the previous paragraph shall be calculated according to the agreed scale of shares of financing based on the scale adopted by the United Nations for its regular budget.

Rome Statute

Article 100 Costs

1. The ordinary costs for execution of requests in the territory of the requested State shall be borne by that State, except for the following, which shall be borne by the Court:

(a) Costs associated with the travel and security of witnesses and experts or the transfer under article 93 of persons in custody;

(b) Costs of translation, interpretation and transcription;

(c) Travel and subsistence costs of the judges, the Prosecutor, the Deputy Prosecutors, the Registrar, the Deputy Registrar and staff of any organ of the Court;

(d) Costs of any expert opinion or report requested by the Court;

(e) Costs associated with the transport of a person being surrendered to the Court by a custodial State; and

(f) Following consultations, any extraordinary costs that may result from the execution of a request.

2. The provisions of paragraph 1 shall, as appropriate, apply to requests from States Parties to the Court. In that case, the Court shall bear the ordinary costs of execution.