Republic of Slovenia

Rome Statute Oct. 7, 1998 Dec. 31, 2001
APIC Sept. 25, 2003 Sept. 23, 2004

Implementation Notes

Slovenia was part of the group of Like Minded States at the Rome Conference and ratified the Rome Statute in 2001. The following year it enacted a Law on Cooperation with the ICC covering aspects of cooperation and in 2004 the relevant provisions of the criminal code were amended in order to incorporate the substantive crimes found in the Rome Statute. The Law on Cooperation does not regulate how Slovenia will handle competing requests. Moreover, the provision dealing with other forms of cooperation under Article 93 of the Rome Statute is not as detailed as the legislation sought to be implemented. As far as the crimes are concerned, crimes against humanity are dealt with in the same Article as war crimes, with a ‘widespread and systematic attack’ chapeau added therein. Moreover, some crimes against humanity are not criminalised under Slovenia’s criminal code, e.g. extermination, persecution and enforced disappearance. The Slovenian legislation also does not cover offences against the administration of justice by the ICC, nor does it contain a provision on command or superior responsibility.

National Implementing Legislation

Cooperation between the Republic of Slovenia and the International Criminal Court Act 2002

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