Contents of request for arrest and surrender - national law requirements

Republic of Ghana

Ghana - Criminal Procedure Code 1960 (2003) EN


Issue of Warrant of Arrest

Section 73 Form, Contents, and Duration of Warrant of Arrest.
(1) Every warrant of arrest shall be under the hand of the Judge or Magistrate issuing it.
(2) Every warrant shall state shortly the offence with which the person against whom it is issued is shall name or otherwise describe such person, and it shall order the person or persons to whom it i apprehend the person against whom it is issued and bring him before the Court issuing the warra some other Court having jurisdiction in the case, to answer to the charge therein mentioned and t dealt with according to law.
(3) Every such warrant shall remain in force until it is executed or until it is cancelled by the Court who

Rome Statute

Article 91 Contents of request for arrest and surrender

4. Upon the request of the Court, a State Party shall consult with the Court, either generally or with respect to a specific matter, regarding any requirements under its national law that may apply under paragraph 2 (c). During the consultations, the State Party shall advise the Court of the specific requirements of its national law.