Republic of Austria

Austria - Extradition and Mutual Assistance (EN/DE) 1979 (2020)

Date: Dec. 28, 1979
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Republic of Austria, Austria - Extradition and Mutual Assistance (EN/DE) 1979 (2020) (1979), available from, accessed on 22/09/2023.

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Admissibility challenge - competing request
Availability of procedures under national law
Competent authority
Competing request
Competing request - same conduct
Contents of request - national law requirements
Cooperation of State
Cooperation under procedures of national law
Execution of requests for assistance (under Articles 93 and 96) in accordance with national law
Information, property or persons subject to the control of a third State or international organisation
Location of items - national proceedings
National procedures for execution of cooperation request
National procedures for execution of requests for other forms of cooperation
National procedures for temporary transfer for purposes of identification, for obtaining testimony or other assistance
Other forms of cooperation
Postponement - ongoing investigation or prosecution
Refusal of ICC request
Refusal of ICC request - protection of national security