Cooperation of State


Hungary - Criminal Code 1978 (2005) EN


Chapter XV
Crimes Against the Purity of State Administration, the Administration of Justice and Public Life

Title VI
Crimes Against the Administration of Justice

Obstruction of Justice in International Court

Section 249/B

The provisions of Sections 233, 234, 236-238, and Sections 240-244 shall apply when the acts defined therein are committed in the course of or in connection with proceedings of an international criminal court installed under international convention promulgated by an act, or under a statutory resolution adopted by the United Nations Security Council, or by the Court of the European Communities.

Hungary - Fundamental Law (2011) 2019 EN

The National Assembly

Article 1
(d) authorize the recognition of the binding effect of an international agreement falling within its mission and competence;

The Constitutional Court

Article 24
(f) examine the conflict of laws with international agreements;

Rome Statute

Article 86 General obligation to cooperate

States Parties shall, in accordance with the provisions of this Statute, cooperate fully with the Court in its investigation and prosecution of crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court.