Availability of additional procedures


Georgia - Law on Cooperation between the International Criminal Court and Georgia 2003 EN

Chapter II
National State Agency Responsible for Cooperation between the International Court and Georgia

Article 3. A national state agency responsible for cooperation between the International Court and Georgia

3. In the course of cooperating with the International Court, the Responsible Agency shall have the authority:

b) to decide on acceptability of cooperation with the International Court; to develop
cooperation procedures; when necessary, to take a decision on challenging the jurisdiction of the International Court;

Chapter VI
Other Forms of Cooperation

Article 34. Use of procedure

as a rule the requests of the International Court is executed in accordance with the procedure established by the Georgian legislation. However, at the request of the International Court, procedures established by the International Court may be used.

Rome Statute

Article 88 Availability of procedures under national law

States Parties shall ensure that there are procedures available under their national law for all of the forms of cooperation which are specified under this Part.