Statement of purpose of request and assistance sought


Georgia - Law on Cooperation between the International Criminal Court and Georgia 2003 EN

Chapter IV
Request of the International Court

Article 10. Contents of a request of the International Court

2.A request shall include:

c. comprehensive description of the object of request and the procedures to be conducted, as well as the assistance sought;

Chapter V
Surrender of a person to the International Court

Article 21. Contents of a request and materials to be attached

1 .A request for arrest and surrender of a person for whom the International Court issued a arrest warrant must contain:

c)a copy of the warrant of arrest;
d) reason of arrest.

Georgia - Law on International Cooperation in Criminal Matters 2010 EN

Chapter 2 Provision of legal assistance in criminal cases

Article 6

Forms of request for legal assistance

1.A request for legal assistance shall be prepared in written form and shall, as a rule, include:

d. the content of the requested legal assistance;

e. the purpose and the need of the requested legal assistance;

Georgia - Law on International Cooperation in Law Enforcement 2003 EN

Chapter 2 Forms of Cooperation

Article 7

Cooperation upon request

4. Unless otherwise provided in an international agreement of Georgia, a request for cooperation shall include:

d. purpose of request

e. a list of desired measures and objectives to be achieved

Rome Statute

Article 96 Contents of request for other forms of assistance under article 93

2. The request shall, as applicable, contain or be supported by the following:

(a) A concise statement of the purpose of the request and the assistance sought, including the legal basis and the grounds for the request;

Article 97 Consultations

Where a State Party receives a request under this Part in relation to which it identifies problems which may impede or prevent the execution of the request, that State shall consult with the Court without delay in order to resolve the matter. Such problems may include, inter alia:

(a) Insufficient information to execute the request;

(b) In the case of a request for surrender, the fact that despite best efforts, the person sought cannot be located or that the investigation conducted has determined that the person in the requested State is clearly not the person named in the warrant; or

(c) The fact that execution of the request in its current form would require the requested State to breach a pre-existing treaty obligation undertaken with respect to another State.