National procedures for execution of cooperation request


Georgia - Law on Cooperation between the International Criminal Court and Georgia 2003 EN

Chapter II
National State Agency Responsible for Cooperation between the International Court and Georgia

Article 3. A national state agency responsible for cooperation between the International Court and Georgia

1. A national state agency responsible for matters of cooperation between the International Court and Georgia shall be the Ministry of Justice of Georgia (hereinafter the Responsible Agency), which receives requests for cooperation from the International Court, takes measures required for the execution of the requests, and, when necessary, coordinates activities of appropriate national bodies in the course of execution of the requests.

2. For the purpose of cooperating with the International Court, the Agency for Cooperation with the International Court shall be established within the Ministry of Justice.

3. In the course of cooperating with the International Court, the Responsible Agency shall have the authority:

a)to receive a request for cooperation from the International Court;
b) to decide on acceptability of cooperation with the International Court; to develop
cooperation procedures; when necessary, to take a decision on challenging the jurisdiction of the International Court;
c)to decide on necessary measures to be taken for the purpose of cooperation; also to determine a specific state authority having the competence to execute the request;
d) to inform the International Court on the results of execution of the request;
e)where so provided for in the Statute, to consult with the Court on matters related to the request;
f) when necessary, and in accordance with law, to take measures to appoint a public attorney and/or to render other legal aid;
g) to make a decision on surrender a prosecuted person to the International Court;
h) in accordance with Article 70(4)(b) of the Statute, forward a request on conduct of criminal proceedings received from the International Court to an appropriate competent state authority;
i) to take a decision on a request of the International Court, for the purpose of executing a deprivation of liberty sentence on the territory of Georgia, for accepting the convicted person and executing a fine and/or other reimbursement of expenses imposed by the International Court.;
j) for the purpose of executing urgent measures indicated in the request, to determine the forms and conditions of execution;
k) to forward on behalf of Georgia to the International Court evidence and information gathered by the Georgian state authorities if it makes it possible for the International Court to commence prosecution;
l) when so provided by the Statute, to request reimbursement of expenses, incurred in the course of execution of the request, from the International Court;
m) to perform other functions assigned by the Statute and this Law.

Chapter II
National State Agency Responsible for Cooperation between the International Court and Georgia

Article 4. Obligations of state authorities for the execution of requests of the International Court

The Responsible Agency and appropriate state authorities who have been forwarded a request of the International Court shall execute the request within the prescribed time limit in accordance with procedures stipulated in the Statute and the Georgian legislation.

Chapter IV
Request of the International Court

Article 11. Review and execution of a request

1.The Responsible Agency reviews the request received and determines a state authority competent to execute the request; also specifies possible measures within the framework of cooperation.

2.If immediate execution of the request may hinder an on-going investigation or prosecution of a case not related to the request, the Responsible Agency may, in accordance with Article 94 of the Statute suspend execution of the request for a period to be agreed upon with the International Court. This period shall not exceed the time limit prescribed by the Code of Cirminal Procedure of Georgia for the completion of investigation.

3.After a request is reviewed, the Responsible Agency decides whether to cooperate or not and scope of cooperation.

4.The Responsible Agency or/and the authority appointed to execute the request shall forward a decision on accepting the request to persons who under this Law are entitled to challenge it and who have a residence or operate in Georgia.

Rome Statute

Article 93 Other forms of cooperation

1. States Parties shall, in accordance with the provisions of this Part and under procedures of national law, comply with requests by the Court to provide the following assistance in relation to investigations or prosecutions:

(a) The identification and whereabouts of persons or the location of items;

(b) The taking of evidence, including testimony under oath, and the production of evidence, including expert opinions and reports necessary to the Court;

(c) The questioning of any person being investigated or prosecuted;

(d) The service of documents, including judicial documents;

(e) Facilitating the voluntary appearance of persons as witnesses or experts before the Court;

(f) The temporary transfer of persons as provided in paragraph 7;

(g) The examination of places or sites, including the exhumation and examination of grave sites;

(h) The execution of searches and seizures;

(i) The provision of records and documents, including official records and documents;

(j) The protection of victims and witnesses and the preservation of evidence;

(k) The identification, tracing and freezing or seizure of proceeds, property and assets and instrumentalities of crimes for the purpose of eventual forfeiture, without prejudice to the rights of bona fide third parties; and

(l) Any other type of assistance which is not prohibited by the law of the requested State, with a view to facilitating the investigation and prosecution of crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court.