French Republic

Rome Statute July 18, 1998 June 9, 2000
APIC Sept. 10, 2002 Feb. 17, 2004

Implementation Notes

After a long pre-ratification history of consultations and judicial decisions to determine the compatibility of the Rome Statute with the French Constitution, France ratified the ICC Statute in 2000. The Law on the Cooperation with the ICC was adopted in 2002 and added a new title to the French Criminal Procedure Code. The law designs a solid cooperation regime with the Court, giving special attention to the rights of the accused during investigations and reparations for victims. The 2002 law, however, does not contain provisions regulating the handling of competing requests. Specific legislation with regard to the crimes under the jurisdiction of the Court has been adopted in 2010. France had also deposited a declaration, in accordance with Article 124 of the Rome Statute, in order to avoid the Court’s jurisdiction over war crimes for a period of seven years, which was revoked in 2008.

National Implementing Legislation

France - ICC Cooperation Law 2002 (FR)

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