Provision of records and documents - authority - ICC proceedings


Finland - International Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters 1994 EN

Chapter 1
General provisions

Section 1
Scope of application

International assistance in criminal matters, as referred to in this Act, shall include:

5) communication of extracts from and information relating to judicial records required in a criminal matter;

Chapter 3
Specific provisions on the provision of assistance

Section 24
Communication of information from judicial records

On the request of an authority of a foreign State information from judicial records may be communicated in criminal matters to the requesting authority in accordance with this Act, under the same conditions as to Finnish authorities. The information from judicial records shall be provided by the Ministry of Justice.

Rome Statute

Article 93 Other forms of cooperation

1. States Parties shall, in accordance with the provisions of this Part and under procedures of national law, comply with requests by the Court to provide the following assistance in relation to investigations or prosecutions:

(i) The provision of records and documents, including official records and documents;