Republic of Croatia

Rome Statute Oct. 12, 1998 May 21, 2001
APIC Sept. 23, 2003 Dec. 17, 2004

Implementation Notes

Croatia adopted legislation implementing the Rome Statute in 2003. Provisions regulating cooperation with the Court have been introduced by a specific law, while provisions regulating specifically the crimes under ICC jurisdiction have been introduced through amendments to the national criminal code. The approach is generally comprehensive and coherent. With regard to cooperation, Croatia deals with competing requests and other forms of cooperation with the ICC by briefly citing the relevant Rome Statute Articles. As far as the crimes are concerned, the legislation on a number of occasions follows the broader rules of customary international law, rather than the wording found in the Rome Statute. Moreover, the defence of superior orders is not included in the Croatian legislation. However, the presence of a general rule providing for interpretation and application of the Croatian legislation in accordance with the purpose and intent of the Rome Statute will guarantee consistency with the ICC Statute.

National Implementing Legislation

Croatia - Implementation of Statute of ICC 2003 (2004) EN
Croatia - Law on implementation of the Rome Statute 2003 (2004) Croatian

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