Detention pending surrender


Belize - Extradition Act 2000 EN


PART II - Extradition Generally

4. The committal and detention of any fugitive criminal in Belize under the Extradition Acts shall be in and to the prison at Hattieville.


PART IV – Extradition (United States)

Article 10 - Decision and Surrender

1. Extradition shall be granted only if the evidence is found sufficient according to the law of the Requested State either to justify the committal for trial of the person sought if the offense of which the person is accused had been committed in the territory of the Requested State or to prove that the person is the identical person convicted by the courts of the Requesting State.

2. The Requested State shall promptly notify the Requesting State through the diplomatic channel of its decision on the request for extradition.

3. If the request is denied in whole or in part, the Requested State shall provide an explanation of the reasons for the denial. The Requested State shall provide copies of pertinent judicial decisions upon request.

4. If the request for extradition is granted, the authorities of the Contracting State shall agree on the time and place for the surrender of the person sought.

5. If the person sought is not removed from the territory of the Requested State within the time prescribed by the law of that State, that person may be discharged from custody, and the Requested State may subsequently refuse extradition for the same offense.

Rome Statute

Article 89 Surrender of persons to the Court


(c) A person being transported shall be detained in custody during the period of transit;