Assurance that the witness will not be prosecuted, detained or subjected to restriction of personal freedom


Kazakhstan - Constitution 1995 (2019) EN

Article 16
1. Everyone shall have the right to personal freedom.
2. Arrest and detention shall be allowed only in cases stipulated by law and only with the authorization of the with the right of appeal. Without the authorization of the court, a person shall be detained for a period of not more than seventy-two hours .
3. Every person detained, arrested and accused of committing a crime shall have the right to the assistance of a lawyer (defender) from the moment of detention, arrest or accusation .
Footnote: See resolution of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 13 dated December 31, 2003;
Footnote: Article 16 as amended by the Law of Republic of Kazakhstan No. 254 dated May 21, 2007 (shall be applied from the date of its official publication).

Rome Statute

Article 93 Other forms of cooperation

2. The Court shall have the authority to provide an assurance to a witness or an expert appearing before the Court that he or she will not be prosecuted, detained or subjected to any restriction of personal freedom by the Court in respect of any act or omission that preceded the departure of that person from the requested State.