Change in designation of State of enforcement

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

International Criminal Court Act 2001 (2014)

Part 4 Enforcement of sentences and orders

Sentences of imprisonment

43 Temporary return or transfer of custody to another state

(1) This section applies where the Secretary of State receives a request from the ICC—
(a) for the temporary return of the prisoner to the custody of the ICC for the purposes of any proceedings, or
(b) for the transfer of the prisoner to the custody of another state in pursuance of a change in designation of state of enforcement.
(2) If the prisoner is detained in Scotland, the Secretary of State shall transmit the request to the Scottish Ministers.
(3) The relevant Minister shall—
(a) issue a warrant authorising the prisoner’s temporary return or transfer in accordance with the request,
(b) make the necessary arrangements with the ICC or, as the case may be, the other state, and
(c) give such directions as to the custody, surrender and (where appropriate) return of the prisoner as appear to him appropriate to give effect to the arrangements.
(4) Where the prisoner is temporarily returned to the custody of the ICC, the warrant authorising his detention in any part of the United Kingdom shall continue to have effect so as to apply to him again on his return.
(5) In this section “the relevant Minister” means—
(a) in relation to a person detained in England and Wales or Northern Ireland, the Secretary of State, and
(b) in relation to a person detained in Scotland, the Scottish Ministers.

Rome Statute

Article 104 Change in designation of State of enforcement

1. The Court may, at any time, decide to transfer a sentenced person to a prison of another State.

2. A sentenced person may, at any time, apply to the Court to be transferred from the State of enforcement.