Cooperation of State

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

International Criminal Court (Scotland) Act 2001 (2015)


11 Provision of assistance to the ICC

(1) The powers conferred by this Part of this Act on the Scottish Ministers are exercisable for the purpose of providing assistance to the ICC in relation to investigations or prosecutions where—
an investigation has been initiated by the ICC ; and
the investigation and any proceedings arising out of it have not been concluded.

(2) Where facsimile transmission is used—
for the making of a request by the ICC or the transmission of any supporting documents ; or
for the transmission of any document in consequence of such a request,
this Part of this Act applies as if the documents so sent were the originals of the documents so transmitted; and any such document shall be admissible in evidence accordingly.

(3) Nothing in this Part of this Act shall be read as preventing the provision of assistance to the ICC otherwise than under this Part.

Rome Statute

Article 86 General obligation to cooperate

States Parties shall, in accordance with the provisions of this Statute, cooperate fully with the Court in its investigation and prosecution of crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court.