Enforcement of forfeiture orders


Código Penal de Timor-Leste




Article 102. Forfeiture of objects of the crime

1. Objects that were used or destined to be used in the commission of a crime, or were results from the same, shall be forfeited to the State, whenever, due to their nature or the circumstances surrounding the case, the same may endanger the security of persons or public order, or pose serious risk of being used in the commission of further crimes.

2. Rights shall be safeguarded regarding objects belonging to any victim or third party, who has not participated in their use or production nor taken advantage thereof.

3. The court shall determine the disposal of objects declared forfeited whenever not specified in law, and may order the partial or complete destruction thereof or to remove them from circulation.

4. Provisions in subarticle 102.1 shall apply even when no specific person can be punished for the crime.

Article 103. Forfeiture of benefits

1. All items, rights or benefits directly or indirectly acquired as a result of the commission of a crime shall be declared forfeited to the State, without prejudice to the rights of any victim or third parties acting in good faith.

2. If said items, rights or benefits cannot be appropriated in kind, their forfeiture shall be compensated through payment of their respective value to the State.

Rome Statute

Article 109 Enforcement of fines and forfeiture measures

1. States Parties shall give effect to fines or forfeitures ordered by the Court under Part 7, without prejudice to the rights of bona fide third parties, and in accordance with the procedure of their national law.

2. If a State Party is unable to give effect to an order for forfeiture, it shall take measures to recover the value of the proceeds, property or assets ordered by the Court to be forfeited, without prejudice to the rights of bona fide third parties.

3. Property, or the proceeds of the sale of real property or, where appropriate, the sale of other property, which is obtained by a State Party as a result of its enforcement of a judgement of the Court shall be transferred to the Court.