Direct execution of request on State territory following determination of admissibility


International Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act (2000:562)

Chapter 2. General provisions concerning legal assistance in Sweden.

The procedure

Section 10

Requests for legal assistance shall be executed promptly. Unless otherwise prescribed by this Act, the same procedure shall be applied as is applied when a corresponding measure is taken in connection with a Swedish preliminary investigation or trial. A court may decide that the matter shall be executed completely or partially in a foreign language, if this is appropriate.

Section 11

If the request contains a request of a particular procedure, this shall be applied, if it does not conflict with the fundamental principles of the Swedish legal system.

Rome Statute

Article 99 Execution of requests under articles 93 and 96

4. Without prejudice to other articles in this Part, where it is necessary for the successful execution of a request which can be executed without any compulsory measures, including specifically the interview of or taking evidence from a person on a voluntary basis, including doing so without the presence of the authorities of the requested State Party if it is essential for the request to be executed, and the examination without modification of a public site or other public place, the Prosecutor may execute such request directly on the territory of a State as follows:

(a) When the State Party requested is a State on the territory of which the crime is alleged to have been committed, and there has been a determination of admissibility pursuant to article 18 or 19, the Prosecutor may directly execute such request following all possible consultations with the requested State Party;