Any other information relevant for the assistance sought


Criminal Procedure Code No. 301/2005 Coll. - Part Five: Legal Relations with Abroad


Division one
Requesting extradition

Section 490

(4) An international warrant of arrest for the purposes of extradition of a sentenced person shall, in addition to the information referred to in paragraph 3 lit. a/ to c/, contain

a) details of the court imposing the sentence and of the sanction imposed, and
b) if the judgement was issued in the proceedings against a fugitive from justice or in absentia, information on how the rights of defence of the accused were guaranteed in the proceedings as well as the wording of the provision of Article 496.

(5) The original or an authenticated copy of the relevant judgement with the finality clause shall be appended to the warrant of arrest under paragraph 4.

(6) If more than three years lapsed between commission of an offence or final conviction and issuing of the international warrant of arrest, acts directed to criminal prosecution of the person or enforcement of the imposed sentence shall be included in the warrant of arrest or in its separate attachment.

(7) The international warrant of arrest shall bear the signature of the judge who issued it and the round seal of the court. If in relation to the requested State a translation of the international warrant of arrest into a foreign language is required, the court shall attach to it a translation made by an official translator. If extradition for the enforcement of a sentence is requested, the same shall apply to the translation of the judgement.


Division Two

Section 498
Extradition abroad

(3) If the request was not supported by the documents or information specified in paragraph 2 or if the information provided is insufficient, the Ministry of Justice shall request additional information and may impose a deadline for its provision.


Division Two
Requests by Slovak authorities

Section 533
Contents and form of request

(1) A request for legal assistance shall, in addition to a precise description of the required act of assistance, contain a description of the facts of the offence which is the basis of the request, the legal denomination of the offence together with a verbatim wording of the pertinent legal provisions, the personal data of the accused or, as the case may be, of the victim or the witnesses if their examination is requested, as well as further details required for the proper execution of the requested legal assistance.

(2) The request shall contain the exact specification of the requesting authority, its file number, the date of the request and it shall bear the signature of the responsible officer and the round seal of the requesting authority.

(3) The request and the supporting documents shall be accompanied by a translation into a foreign language done by an official translator if in relation to the requested State such translation is required.

Rome Statute

Article 96 Contents of request for other forms of assistance under article 93

2. The request shall, as applicable, contain or be supported by the following:

(f) Any other information relevant in order for the assistance sought to be provided.