Cooperation of State


Criminal Procedure Code No. 301/2005 Coll. - Part Five: Legal Relations with Abroad


Section 480
International courts

(1) Procedures under this Chapter shall also be applicable to requests emanating from an international court.

(2) The procedure and the decision-making relating to the surrender of a person to an international court shall be governed mutatis mutandis by the provisions of Section Two of this Chapter on extradition.

(3) The enforcement of the judgement made by an international court in the territory of the Slovak republic shall be governed mutatis mutandis by the provisions of Section Three of this Chapter on recognition and enforcement of foreign decisions.


Division Three
Requests by foreign authorities

Section 540
Acts by foreign authorities

(1) Foreign authorities may not execute any acts of legal assistance in the territory Slovak Republic by themselves.

(2) A foreign consular office having jurisdiction for the territory of the Slovak Republic may carry out, if so mandated by the authorities of the State it represents and on their behalf, procedural acts for criminal proceedings only with the prior consent given by the Ministry of Justice. Service of documents on the national of the represented State or the examination of a person who appears voluntarily shall not require any prior consent by the Ministry of Justice.

(3) The presence of representatives of the foreign authorities as well as other persons at the execution of legal assistance by the Slovak authority shall only be possible with the prior consent by the responsible prosecutor; if the request shall be executed by the court, the consent shall be given by this court.

Rome Statute

Article 86 General obligation to cooperate

States Parties shall, in accordance with the provisions of this Statute, cooperate fully with the Court in its investigation and prosecution of crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court.