Competent national authority


International Criminal Court Act 2007, No.26


4. Obligations imposed by Statute or Rules –
Where any provision of the Statute or the Rules confers or imposes a power or duty on, or assigns a function to, a State including but not limited to a power, duty or function relating to the execution of a request for assistance from the ICC, that power, duty or function may, unless there is provision to the contrary in this Act, be exercised, performed and discharged by the Minister on behalf of the Government of Samoa.

Rome Statute

Article 87 Requests for cooperation: general provisions


(a) The Court shall have the authority to make requests to States Parties for cooperation. The requests shall be transmitted through the diplomatic channel or any other appropriate channel as may be designated by each State Party upon ratification, acceptance, approval or accession. Subsequent changes to the designation shall be made by each State Party in accordance with the Rules of Procedure and Evidence.