Provisional arrest - detention pending surrender


Austria - Federal Law on Cooperation with the ICC (EN) 2002

Part 2
Specific provisions
Section 4
Custody pending surrender, surrender and transit

24. Provisional custody pending surrender
1. In the event of a request from the International Criminal Court for provisional arrest, on application by the public prosecutor, the investigating judge shall order the arrest of the person sought and order provisional custody pending surrender if, on the basis of the facts of the case as reported by the International Criminal Court, there are sufficient grounds to believe that the person to be found in Austria committed a crime within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court which would warrant pre-trial custody (paragraph 180 of the Code of Criminal Procedure) had the crime been committed in Austria.
2. Provisional custody pending surrender may not be ordered or continued when the purposes of custody can be achieved through concurrent imprisonment, pre-trial custody or custody pending extradition. In such a case the investigating judge shall order any amendments to the custodial order which, for the purposes of provisional custody pending surrender, are essential to the International Criminal Court. In other respects provisional custody pending surrender shall be subject to the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure governing pre-trial custody.

Rome Statute

Article 92 Provisional arrest

1. In urgent cases, the Court may request the provisional arrest of the person sought, pending presentation of the request for surrender and the documents supporting the request as specified in article 91.