Contents of request for arrest and surrender - national law requirements

Principality of Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein - Cooperation with the ICC 2004 EN

II. Specific provisions

C. Search

Article 23

(1) Should the International Criminal Court or an International Tribunal request a search for arrest or should the Liechtenstein authorities learn otherwise of an order for arrest from the Court or Tribunal, the princely court shall seek the arrest of the person for the purpose of surrender to the International Criminal Court or International Tribunal if the request or order for arrest contains the necessary details about the person sought and the alleged offence. Referral to the court competent pursuant to Article 27(1) of the law on judicial assistance is not required if the person sought is not a Liechtenstein national or if there is no reason to believe that the person is in Liechtenstein.

Rome Statute

Article 91 Contents of request for arrest and surrender

4. Upon the request of the Court, a State Party shall consult with the Court, either generally or with respect to a specific matter, regarding any requirements under its national law that may apply under paragraph 2 (c). During the consultations, the State Party shall advise the Court of the specific requirements of its national law.