Transfer of sentenced person to another State

Republic of South Africa

Implementation of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (Act No. 27 of 2002)

Chapter 4
Cooperation with and assistence to Court in or outside South Africa

Part 2
Judicial assistance to court (ss 14-32)

32 Enforcement of sentence of imprisonment

(3) (b) If the Court, at any time, decides to transfer a sentenced person referred to in paragraph (a) to a prison of another State, the Central Authority must, in consultation with the Commissioner of Correctional Services and the Registrar of the Court, arrange for the removal of that person from the Republic in the custody of a person authorised by the Court and the provisions of section 12 apply with the necessary changes.

Rome Statute

Article 104 Change in designation of State of enforcement

1. The Court may, at any time, decide to transfer a sentenced person to a prison of another State.

2. A sentenced person may, at any time, apply to the Court to be transferred from the State of enforcement.