Contents of request for provisional arrest


Criminal Procedure Code



Section IV
Preventive arrest

2. Arrest of the defendant

Content of the arrest warrant
Art. 151 - Immediately after drawing up the decision ordering the defendant's arrest, the judge issues an arrest warrant.

If the same decision orders the arrest of several defendants, separate arrest warrants are issued for each of them.

The arrest warrant should mention :

a) the court that ordered the arrest measure against the defendant.
b) the date and place of issue ;
c) the name, surname and position of the person who issued the arrest warrant ;
d) the data regarding the defendant, stipulated in art. 70, and his/her identity number ;
e) the deed that makes the object of the accusation and the name of the offence ;
f) the legal framing of the deed and the punishment stipulated by the law ;
g) the concrete reasons leading to the arrest ;
h) the arrest order for the defendant ;
i) the place where the person to be arrested will be kept ;
j) the signature of the judge.

Rome Statute

Article 92 Provisional arrest

2. The request for provisional arrest shall be made by any medium capable of delivering a written record and shall contain:

(a) Information describing the person sought, sufficient to identify the person, and information as to that person's probable location;

(b) A concise statement of the crimes for which the person's arrest is sought and of the facts which are alleged to constitute those crimes, including, where possible, the date and location of the crime;

(c) A statement of the existence of a warrant of arrest or a judgement of conviction against the person sought; and

(d) A statement that a request for surrender of the person sought will follow.