Detention during transit

Republic of Mauritius

Mauritius - Mutual Assistance Act 2003 EN


8. Request for transfer of detained persons to Mauritius

(1) Where a foreign State or an international criminal tribunal grants a request made by Mauritius under section 4(2)(l), the Central Authority may, by written notice addressed to the Commissioner of Prisons, authorise -

(a) the temporary detention in Mauritius, for such period as may be specified in the notice, of a person detained in a foreign State, or by an international criminal tribunal, who is to be transferred to Mauritius ; and
(b) the return in custody of the person to the foreign State, or international criminal tribunal, when his presence is no longer required.

Rome Statute

Article 89 Surrender of persons to the Court


(c) A person being transported shall be detained in custody during the period of transit;