Location of items - national procedures for ICC proceedings

Republic of Kenya

Kenya - International Crimes Act 2008 EN


Finding Persons or Things, and Obtaining Evidence

76. (1) where the ICC requests assistance under paragraph 8 of article 19, article 56, article 64 or paragraph 1 (a) of article 93 of the Rome Statute in locating, or identifying and locating, a person or a thing believed to
be in Kenya, the Attorney-General shall give authority for the request to proceed if he is satisfied that—
(a) the request relates to an investigation being conducted by the Prosecutor or any proceedings before the ICC; and
(b) the person to whom or thing to which the request relates is or may be in Kenya.

(2) If the Attorney-General gives authority for the request to proceed—
(a) the Attorney-General shall forward the request to the appropriate Kenyan agency; and
(b) that agency shall, without delay—
(i) use its best endeavours to locate or, as the case may be, identify and locate the person to whom or thing to which the request relates; and
(ii) advise the Attorney-General of the outcome of those endeavours.

Rome Statute

Article 93 Other forms of cooperation

1. States Parties shall, in accordance with the provisions of this Part and under procedures of national law, comply with requests by the Court to provide the following assistance in relation to investigations or prosecutions:

(a) The identification and whereabouts of persons or the location of items;