Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

The International Criminal Court Act 2006


Restrictions on Provision of Assistance

114. (1) The Attorney General shall refuse a request by the ICC for assistance to which this Part applies if—
(a) the ICC does not accept the conditions or other modifications suggested in order to implement the request as contemplated by article 93(5) of the Statute and section 113(4);

Rome Statute

Article 115 Funds of the Court and of the Assembly of States Parties

The expenses of the Court and the Assembly of States Parties, including its Bureau and subsidiary bodies, as provided for in the budget decided by the Assembly of States Parties, shall be provided by the following sources:

(a) Assessed contributions made by States Parties;

(b) Funds provided by the United Nations, subject to the approval of the General Assembly, in particular in relation to the expenses incurred due to referrals by the Security Council.

Article 116 Voluntary contributions

Without prejudice to article 115, the Court may receive and utilize, as additional funds, voluntary contributions from Governments, international organizations, individuals, corporations and other entities, in accordance with relevant criteria adopted by the Assembly of States Parties.