Availability of procedures under national law

Bosnia and Hezegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Law on Implementation of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and Cooperation with the International Criminal Court 2009 EN


Article 6
(Application of National Legislation)
(1) State authorities having jurisdiction to act in the cooperation activities and to enforce the decisions of the International Criminal Court shall perform their activities in the manner as stipulated by the Criminal Procedure Code, the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina (hereinafter: the Criminal Code) and other applicable laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
(2) Laws and other regulations of Bosnia and Herzegovina applied in the cooperation activities shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with the legal system of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the manner corresponding to the objectives and as defined in the Rome Statute.

Rome Statute

Article 88 Availability of procedures under national law

States Parties shall ensure that there are procedures available under their national law for all of the forms of cooperation which are specified under this Part.