Contents of request for arrest and surrender - national law requirements - consultations with the Court

Portuguese Republic

Law No. 144/99, of 31 August, on International Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters

Part II

Extradition from Portugal

Section II
Extradition procedure

Article 45

1. If the request for extradition is either not complete, or not accompanied by all the information that is necessary in order to take a decision, the provisions of paragraph 3 of Article 23 shall apply ; a deadline for the reception of the missing elements shall be fixed, but may be prolonged if the requesting State gives good reasons.

Rome Statute

Article 91 Contents of request for arrest and surrender

4. Upon the request of the Court, a State Party shall consult with the Court, either generally or with respect to a specific matter, regarding any requirements under its national law that may apply under paragraph 2 (c). During the consultations, the State Party shall advise the Court of the specific requirements of its national law.