Production of evidence - national proceedings

Republic of Malta

Malta - Criminal Code 1854 (2013) EN



Title I Of the Powers and Duties of the Executive Police in respect of Criminal Prosecutions

Sub-title X

355AV. The investigating officer may in person, by application or by facsimile, request a Magistrate to authorise the necessary procedure -
(a) where he has reasonable grounds to require the taking of intimate samples from the person arrested; or
(b) to take photographs, a film, video recording or electronic image of intimate parts of the body of the person arrested; or
(c) where the person arrested withholds his consent for any procedure which the investigating officer may carry out according to law with the consent of the person arrested:
Provided that where the request falls under paragraph (a), the provisions of article 355AW shall apply and, if the request falls under paragraph (b), the provisions of article 355AP shall mutatis mutandis apply.

355AW. Subject to the provisions of articles 355AV and 355AX, an intimate sample may be taken from a person arrested only if his appropriate consent is given.

355AX. (1) Upon a request under article 355AV(a), the Magistrate shall obtain all such information from the investigating officer to enable him to decide on whether the request is justified or not.

(2) Where the Magistrate decides that the request is justified he shall visit the person arrested to request his consent and before asking for his consent he shall explain to him:
(a) the nature of the request and the reasons thereof;
(b) the consequences of giving his consent and of refusing consent as provided in article 355AZ; and
(c) that he is entitled to consult a lawyer or legal procurator before deciding whether or not to give his consent.

(3) Where the person arrested requests to consult a lawyer or legal procurator under subarticle (2) the magistrate shall make a record of the fact, date and time of the request and, subject to the provisions of subarticle (4) shall allow the person arrested to consult with a lawyer or legal procurator for such time as the magistrate may deem appropriate in the circumstances of the case.

(4) The magistrate may, on a justified objection by the Police, delay any communication with an advocate or legal procurator if the interests of justice so require or when any of the events mentioned in article 355AT(5) is likely to occur if such communication is allowed immediately:
Provided that where the person arrested has requested to consult a lawyer or legal procurator his consent can only be requested after such consultation has taken place.

355AY. Where an intimate sample is to be taken under these articles the provisions of article 355AP shall apply.

355AZ. Where the appropriate consent to the taking of an intimate sample from a person was refused without a good cause, in any proceedings against the person for an offence, those who have to judge of the facts may draw such inferences from the refusal as appear proper and the refusal may, on the basis of such inferences, be treated as, or as capable of amounting to corroboration of any evidence against the person in relation to which the refusal is material.

355BA. (1) The investigating officer may, with the appropriate consent in writing of the person arrested, cause to be taken:
(a) fingerprints, palm-prints from the person arrested;
(b) photographs of the person arrested or of non-intimate parts of his body;
(c) non-intimate samples from the person arrested.

(2) The person arrested may request in writing that:
(a) his fingerprints, palm-prints or other prints,
(b) photographs of his person or of non-intimate parts of his body,
(c) non-intimate samples from his person,
be taken and any such request shall be complied with by the investigating officer with the assistance of any competent person as may be necessary.

(3) The person arrested may also request in writing the investigating officer to carry out any of the procedures mentioned in article 355AV(a) and (b), and any such request shall be referred without delay to a Magistrate. The Magistrate shall authorise the procedure requested after verifying the request made by the person arrested and the provisions of article 355AP shall apply where appropriate.

355BB. Samples from a person other than a person arrested may only be taken with that person’s prior consent in writing:
Provided that for the taking of an intimate sample a Magistrate’s authorisation must also be obtained upon application.

355BC. The provisions of article 355BA shall mutatis mutandis apply to any person, not being an arrested person, who makes a request for the carrying out in his respect of any procedure referred to in that article provided the request is made in writing and contains a declaration that the person making the request has reason to believe that there is the likelihood that the failure to carry out the
requested procedure is likely to result in his being arrested or detained.

Rome Statute

Article 93 Other forms of cooperation

1. States Parties shall, in accordance with the provisions of this Part and under procedures of national law, comply with requests by the Court to provide the following assistance in relation to investigations or prosecutions:

(b) The taking of evidence, including testimony under oath, and the production of evidence, including expert opinions and reports necessary to the Court;