Refusal of ICC request - protection of national security

Republic of Georgia

Georgia - Law on International Cooperation in Criminal Matters 2010 EN

Chapter 2 Provision of legal assistance in criminal cases

Article 12 - Reasons for denying a request for legal assistance

Legal assistance shall not be provided if:

a. the implementation of a request for legal assistance may cause damage to the sovereignty, security, public order or other essential interests of Georgia;

Chapter 3 Extradition

Article 29

Other circumstances excluding extradition

4(1). Extradition may not be conducted if it contradicts the state sovereignty, safety or essential interests of Georgia.

Rome Statute

Article 93 Other forms of cooperation

4. In accordance with article 72, a State Party may deny a request for assistance, in whole or in part, only if the request concerns the production of any documents or disclosure of evidence which relates to its national security.