Contents of request for transit

Republic of Georgia

Georgia - Law on International Cooperation in Criminal Matters 2010 EN

Chapter 2 Provision of legal assistance in criminal cases

Article 7 (1)

Temporary transfer of a person held in custody in Georgia to the territory of a foreign country for the purpose of participation in an investigative action

1. Where there are relevant legal grounds, if during the conduct of an investigative action in the territory of a foreign state in relation to a criminal case conducted by the competent authorities of Georgia, there arises a need for the presence of a person who is held in custody in Georgia, the investigator, prosecutor or judge (court) shall be authorised to require, through the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, a temporary transfer of this person to the territory of the foreign state for participation in the relevant investigative action.

2. In the case provided for by paragraph 1 of this article, prior written consent from the person held in custody in Georgia shall be necessary for a temporary transfer of such person to the territory of a foreign state.

3. The request specified in paragraph 1 of this article may be sent to a competent authority of a foreign state in the form of a request for legal assistance. The written consent of the person held in custody in Georgia, or a copy of such consent, shall be attached to the request.

Chapter 3 Extradition

Article 35

Transit of an extraditable person

2. A request for transit through Georgia shall contain the same details as a request for extradition.

Rome Statute

Article 89 Surrender of persons to the Court


(b) A request by the Court for transit shall be transmitted in accordance with article 87. The request for transit shall contain:

(i) A description of the person being transported;

(ii) A brief statement of the facts of the case and their legal characterization; and

(iii) The warrant for arrest and surrender;