Provision of information or documents, or other assistance or cooperation by intergovernmental organisation

Republic of Georgia

Georgia - Law on International Cooperation in Criminal Matters 2010 EN

Chapter 2 Provision of legal assistance in criminal cases

Article 5

General procedure for sending a request to a foreign state for rendering legal assistance on criminal cases conducted by competent Georgian authorities and the procedure for its implementation

7.Information or other material obtained in the territory of a foreign state in accordance with the relevant legislation may not be used for purposes other than the purposes indicated in the request for legal assistance.

8. The information and other material referred to in paragraph 7 of this article may be used for other purposes with the prior consent of the competent authority of the foreign state concerned, in which case an additional request shall be made.

Rome Statute

Article 87 Requests for cooperation: general provisions

6. The Court may ask any intergovernmental organization to provide information or documents. The Court may also ask for other forms of cooperation and assistance which may be agreed upon with such an organization and which are in accordance with its competence or mandate.