Provisional arrest for national proceedings

Czech Republic

Czech republic - Act on International Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters 2013 EN

PART THREE Individual forms of International Judicial Cooperation
Chapter II Extradition of Persons
Sub-chapter 1 Requesting Extradition from a Foreign State

Section 81 Preliminary Custody
(1) If the matter cannot be delayed, the presiding judge and in pre-trial proceedings the judge upon a petition of the public prosecutor may in the request pursuant to Section 79 (1) propose that the Ministry requested the foreign state for imposing preliminary custody to the person concerned by the extradition. If it is necessary for extradition of the person from the foreign state, the Ministry may do so even without such a petition.
(2) The court will attach to the request pursuant to Section 79 (1) the following:
a) an order to arrest, order to detain or order to deliver a person for execution of a sentence of imprisonment,
b) declaration of identity of the person concerned by the extradition, containing his name and surname, other personal data enabling his identification and data on his nationality, eventually his description, photograph and fingerprints
c) if a request for extradition for the purpose of criminal prosecution is concerned, a declaration of the court about the upper limit of the extent of sentence for the criminal offence in question,
d) if a request for extradition for the purpose of execution of a sentence is concerned, a copy of the operative part of the judgment,
e) declaration of the court, that criminal liability or execution of the sentence has not been statute-barred.
(3) Annexes referred to in Section 79 (5) to (8) may be presented subsequently, however no later than 10 business days after the request is served to the Ministry pursuant to Section 79 (1). The Ministry may in well-founded cases extend or shorten this time period accordingly.
(4) If the ministry does not comply with the petition of the court pursuant to Sub-section (1), it will inform it of the reasons for such procedure.

Rome Statute

Article 92 Provisional arrest

1. In urgent cases, the Court may request the provisional arrest of the person sought, pending presentation of the request for surrender and the documents supporting the request as specified in article 91.

2. The request for provisional arrest shall be made by any medium capable of delivering a written record and shall contain:

(a) Information describing the person sought, sufficient to identify the person, and information as to that person's probable location;

(b) A concise statement of the crimes for which the person's arrest is sought and of the facts which are alleged to constitute those crimes, including, where possible, the date and location of the crime;

(c) A statement of the existence of a warrant of arrest or a judgement of conviction against the person sought; and

(d) A statement that a request for surrender of the person sought will follow.

3. A person who is provisionally arrested may be released from custody if the requested State has not received the request for surrender and the documents supporting the request as specified in article 91 within the time limits specified in the Rules of Procedure and Evidence. However, the person may consent to surrender before the expiration of this period if permitted by the law of the requested State. In such a case, the requested State shall proceed to surrender the person to the Court as soon as possible.

4. The fact that the person sought has been released from custody pursuant to paragraph 3 shall not prejudice the subsequent arrest and surrender of that person if the request for surrender and the documents supporting the request are delivered at a later date.