Contents of request for transit

Republic of Austria

Austria - Federal law on judicial cooperation in criminal matters with the Member States of the European Union (EN/DE) 2004 (2020)

Chapter II
European Arrest Warrant and Surrender Procedures between Member States

Part Five

Transit Documents
§ 34. (1) The transit shall be examined exclusively on the basis of the content of the request. Such a request shall contain the following information:
1. identity and nationality of the person concerned,
2. the existence of a European arrest warrant or a request for extradition,
3. the type and legal classification of the offence,
4. a description of the circumstances at which the offence was committed,
including the time of the act and the place of the offence.

(2) The Federal Minister of Justice may demand additional documentation from the requesting State and fix a reasonable time limit for their delivery. When no reaction is received within the time limit, the decision shall be taken on the basis of the existing documentation.

(3) § 49 of the ARHG shall apply to the execution of the transit.

Rome Statute

Article 89 Surrender of persons to the Court


(b) A request by the Court for transit shall be transmitted in accordance with article 87. The request for transit shall contain:

(i) A description of the person being transported;

(ii) A brief statement of the facts of the case and their legal characterization; and

(iii) The warrant for arrest and surrender;