Facilities in respect of communications - APIC

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ARTICLE 11 Facilities in Respect of Communications

1. The Court shall enjoy in the territory of each State Party for the purposes of its official communications and correspondence treatment not less favourable than that accorded by the State Party concerned to any intergovernmental organization or diplomatic mission in the matter of priorities, rates and taxes applicable to mail and the various forms of communication and correspondence.

2. No censorship shall be applied to the official communications or correspondence of the Court.

3. The Court may use all appropriate means of communication, including electronic means of communication, and shall have the right to use codes or cipher for its official communications and correspondence. The official communications and correspondence of the Court shall be inviolable.

4. The Court shall have the right to dispatch and receive correspondence and other materials or communications by courier or in sealed bags, which shall have the same privileges, immunities and facilities as diplomatic couriers and bags.

5. The Court shall have the right to operate radio and other telecommunication equipment on any frequencies allocated to it by the States Parties in accordance with their national procedures. The States Parties shall endeavour to allocate to the Court, to the extent possible, frequencies for which it has applied.