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ARTICLE 10 Funds and Freedom from Currency Restrictions

1. Without being restricted by financial controls, regulations or financial moratoriums of any kind, while carrying out its activities:

(a) The Court may hold funds, currency of any kind or gold and operate accounts in any currency;

(b) The Court shall be free to transfer its funds, gold or its currency from one country to another or within any country and to convert any currency held by it into any other currency;

(c) The Court may receive, hold, negotiate, transfer, convert or otherwise deal with bonds and other financial securities;

(d) The Court shall enjoy treatment not less favourable than that accorded by the State Party concerned to any intergovernmental organization or diplomatic mission in respect of rates of exchange for its financial transactions.

2. In exercising its rights under paragraph 1, the Court shall pay due regard to any representations made by any State Party insofar as it is considered that effect can be given to such representations without detriment to the interests of the Court.