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ARTICLE 9 Reimbursement of Duties and/or Taxes

1. The Court shall not, as a general rule, claim exemption from duties and/or taxes which are included in the price of movable and immovable property and taxes paid for services rendered. Nevertheless, when the Court for its official use makes major purchases of property and goods or services on which identifiable duties and/or taxes are charged or are chargeable, States Parties shall make appropriate administrative arrangements for the exemption of such charges or reimbursement of the amount of duty and/or tax paid.

2. Goods purchased under such an exemption or reimbursement shall not be sold or otherwise disposed of, except in accordance with the conditions laid down by the State Party which granted the exemption or reimbursement. No exemption or reimbursement shall be accorded in respect of charges for public utility services provided to that Court.