Republic of Kenya

Kenya - Criminal Procedure Code 1930 (2012) EN

Date: Aug. 1, 1930
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Republic of Kenya, Kenya - Criminal Procedure Code 1930 (2012) EN (1930), available from, accessed on 22/09/2023.

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Admissibility challenge - ne bis in idem
Contents of request for arrest and surrender
Contents of request for arrest and surrender - national law requirements
Cooperation under procedures of national law
Enforcement of fines
Enforcement of forfeiture orders
Enforcement of national penalties - fines
Enforcement of sentences imposed
Enforcement of sentences of imprisonment
Examination of witnesses - national proceedings
National procedures for execution of requests for other forms of cooperation
National procedures re enforcement of sentences imposed
Non-prejudice to the rights of bona fide third parties in the enforcement of forfeiture orders
Other forms of cooperation
Request for arrest and surrender
Search and seizure - national proceedings
Taking of evidence - national proceedings
Temporary transfer of persons in custody for purposes of identification or for obtaining testimony or other forms of assistance - national procedures for ICC proceedings